May 12, 2021

Tag you’re it….Supplier Quality Programs

The childhood game of ‘tag’ is fun, I still enjoying playing with young children.  However, in business, the game of ‘tag’ is often used as an excuse for pushing responsibilities onto vendors/suppliers.  How many times have you heard ‘the vendor didn’t process a document’ or the ‘supplier forgot to consider local or regional requirements?’  Your Supplier Quality program is the key to success whether using a Contract Manufacturer and Distribution Organization (CMDO) or Contract Research Organization (CRO) or even hiring a consultant.

Companies may have a strong Supplier Quality process for manufacturing (GMP).  Others might have legal agreements to cover services, ranging from distribution to clinical and post-market safety (PharmacoVigilance Agreements-PVA) without truly defining/understanding what they want/need from the supplier.  Do you integrate your Supplier Quality program into your new product development process?

Vendor qualification evolves throughout the product life-cycle management, starting at concept through Post-market support.  Requiring cross-functional and intra-functional handoffs through the different phases of the project (See  Identifying and qualifying suppliers helps expedite the timelines utilizing their resources and expertise.  Choosing wisely with long-term needs provides organizations detailed understanding of development cost and transitional planning for successful market launches.

Global Supplier Quality Program Model

Treat your suppliers as a new product; defining requirements, outputs, along with measurable KPIs for improvements and auditing will minimize finger-pointing and enhance the utilization of your suppliers.

Consult Wing has helped organizations through the integration of all aspects of their Product Life Cycle Management:

  • Project design; focusing on deliverables, decision rights and communication
  • Risk Management; focusing on patient and product risk determination and decision-making
  • Quality System infrastructure support, including Supplier Quality

Let us help you align, achieve, and sustain your business and quality processes.